2023 Roundup: Your Favorite Plantable Seed Cards

We've been making plantable seed cards for longer than any other product, with new cards coming out every year. It's no secret that they are our most popular items, but can you guess which ones were on top in 2023?

Coming in at #10 and #9 are our Luna Moth and Bluebird cards. Like all of our cream-colored cards, they grow wildflowers when planted. 

 Introduced in 2022, the Two Toads card quickly shot up to our top 20 cards and broke into the top 10 this year at #8. Check out the matching sticker, too!

 Like the Two Toads card, our Anna's Hummingbird & Yellow Larkspur card (#7) grows a mix of herbs from seeds embedded in the card. This design is part of our series of Plant & Animal Companions cards.

 Coming in at #6 is our Lavender card. In the Victorian language of flowers, these purple blooms send the recipient grace, serenity, and calmness.

#5 is our classic Honey Bee card, also available as a sticker. Its fuzzier, rounder cousin the Bumble Bee also has a card that came in at #14.

 #4 is our California Poppy card. Did you know that all our vintage-inspired illustrations are original artwork from our studio?

At #3 is our Green Darner Dragonfly card. This colorful insect shows up with other garden friends in our Insect Card Set.

Our Fly Agaric Mushroom card features a classic toadstool mushroom. This mushroom also makes an appearance as a sticker and in our Wild Mushrooms Art Print (with four other mushroomy pals).

Topping off the list at #1 is our Monarch Butterfly card! This perennial favorite has dominated the charts since 2020, so when we launched our eco stickers this year, it was one of the first designs we picked.

Don't forget to check out our New in the Studio collection to see our most recent additions! Which will be in the top 20 next year? 🔮


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